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Dyence is the first step towards monetizing your community

Your audience monetization without Dyence

  • ❌ Limited and less personal Engagement
  • ❌ Manual and dispersed Data Collection
  • ❌ Tedious and time-consuming Contact Export
  • ❌ Disorganized and fragmented Lead Management
  • ❌ Limited Monetization Potential by inefficiencies and lack of insights

Your audience monetization with Dyence

  • ✅ Enhanced and more personalized engagement
  • ✅ Automated and centralized Data Collection
  • ✅ Seamless and quick Contact Export
  • ✅ Organized and streamlined Lead Management
  • ✅ Enhanced Monetization Potential by streamlined processes and better data

3 easy steps

How it works

The setup requires under 3 minutes.


Add link or file

Any link or file you wish to share with your community.


Customize capture page

Personalize the message and information you want to capture from your audience


Share it to your audience

Share the Dyence link instead of your basic link or file.

Everything you need
to transform your audience into Leads

cancellation flow

Capture Page building

Create capture pages with different fields such as email, phone number, first name, ... and the ability to customize page colors

Export contacts

Export all leads captured from your pages in CSV format with the option of managing contacts by dedicated list.

pages analytics

Pages Analytics

Real-time tracking of visitors, lead captures, page performance, browsers, OS, devices used by your visitors and their countries.

Send file or link via email

Send the lead magnet via email to ensure receiving a valid email and to stay on top of email campaigns in the near future.

Cancellation Ai suggestions
code integration

Effortless Integration

Easily integrate Dyence pages into your existing tools or code with HTML code.

What people are saying about Dyence

Reasonable and affordable pricing

Accessible to everyone

Monthly bill Yearly bill (SAVE 20%)


Ideal for discovering Dyence

$0 /month

Get started for free

3 Capture pages

Limited contacts export

Limited insights

No file as lead magnet

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Perfect for small audiences

$9 /month

Get started for free

20 Capture pages

Up to 2GB storage

Up to 200MB file size

Unlimited contacts export

Unlimited insights

No Dyence Logo


Ideal for the very active creators

$19 /month

Get started for free

Unlimited Capture pages

Up to 10GB storage

Up to 500MB file size

Unlimited contacts export

Unlimited insights

No Dyence Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

Our comprehensive Dyence FAQ dives deep into everything you need to know.

What is Dyence?
How make sure the user enters a real email?
Is there any privacy policy to protect leads?
Where can I use the Dyence links?

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

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